Saturday, November 24, 2012

Yummy Stuff

There are yummy Christmas scents here and some great package deals. Come see what is happening at A Touch of Magick. Also, just ordered, Coconut Lime Verbena. Gonna be fabulous. Available for all the products including the new shower gel.

Stop by either the Yola Site or the Etsy one.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Starting to fill Christmas Orders...

So this morning was spent starting to fill the Christmas Orders that have come in...

I had a couple of orders for some wonderful Shower Gel/Lotion combos

This fantastic Mango Coconut Lotion and Gel combo is just $8.00 for both.

Made with all Organic products and so good for your skin.

The scent is very subtle in both.  The coconut coming from coconut oil and adding an amazing undertone.

This incredible Berries and Cream is a new scent that is sure to delight.  Very subtle hints of raspberry, blackberry and vanilla waft through.

This is made with an apricot kernal oil that is light and never oily on your sking

A true favorite for any time, but especially at the holidays, Cinnamon Vanilla.  A little spice, a little home and a definite winner.

This amazing scent will remind you of all those holiday baking smells that fill the house.

After I finished filling those orders I got to work on the order below.  Almost all of those scent combinations are new combinations.  I had a great time making sure they all worked liked they should. I just hope their recipients love them as much as I did!!!!  Each scent is unique to the recipient based on the giver's thoughts of them.  Turns out my favorite was the Cinnamon Citrus.  Didn't know exactly how I was going to make that one work, but it turned out fabulous!

Remember you can stop by and order from a variety of places:

The Etsy links above or to get to the store front or if you don't want to deal with Etsy you can order from my website at 

Come early and shop now so that you can get a jump on your Christmas list.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Website

I know...two posts in two days...look out!!!!

Okay...I have a  new website, separate from Etsy, that has easy buy buttons with paypal.  Stop by and check it out. 

As always feedback is more than welcome.  Have a Blessed Day.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Holidays are Coming...

As we go into the Holiday season I have some amazing new scents coming as well as a new product. I will be offering Shower Gels!!! So get ahead on your shopping with a shower gel/lotion combo for only $8.00 plus shipping or a Sugar Scrub/Lotion combo or maybe a trio with Sugar Scrub/Shower Gel/Lotion. Whatever suits your fancy stop by. You can message me here or you can head over to Etsy and order there...I am doing custom orders there now. Any scent you want I can make. All ingredients are organic. 

New Scents and Mixes:

Lavendar - Vanilla
Orange Coconut
Eucalyptus Orange (this is a favorite of a couple customers)
Berries and Creme
and any other combination I already have or that you can think of with any scent...just let me know.

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Scents on the Way

Thanks to my wonderful friend and mentor (in the real world) Valerie Lott, I have new scents on the way.  Her favorite scents are eucalyptus, tea tree and rosemary...nice and earthy.  Very much her.  One of the best things she taught me, well there were a lot, but one that I remember every day, is to take time to enjoy the small things. The scents you love, the moments that make you smile, and the even the ones you learn from.

So with a FaceBook post from her about what her favorite scents are, I decided to expand out.  I want to keep her happy after all.  Coming soon will be lotions, scrubs, oils and salts with a bit of an earthy tone to them.  As always I can mix and match whatever it is you want, now you just have a broader choice.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Weekend

I have a wonderful weekend planned.  I am going to get started on the baking for 4th of July and see what scents that inspires in me.

I have just sent out the shipments ordered this week, so if you ordered, first thank you and second they are on their way!!!!

If you could have any scent created in a lotion, bath salt or sugar scrub what would it be?

Tell lucky commenter will win their creation of choice.  Contest ends July 15.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Stuff

So I had some time today and decided to try a few new scents. My new lotion product hasn't come in so this lotion is the same base I have been using. Which is amazing and I have to give credit to Elements. They have an incredible product.

So I started with a lotion (my favorite) and decided something fruity and islander like was in order. It is 100 degrees outside so that made sense to me. The end result...Raspberry Coconut Lotion. Light scent, not over bearing or with heavy notes either direction. A very light pink tint to the lotion itself makes it slightly feminine in nature.

The other product was all island and all about being steeped in luxury. Coconut Sugar Scrub. This says it all. To top it off it is all organic and vegan. Using organic cold pressed coconut oil and vegan cane sugar I put together this delectable delicacy for taking your shower to the islands.

Along the way today my darling Lola decided she needed in on the action. As always when I'm on a roll or in the middle of something (especially in the kitchen) she has her nose, and tongue, in the middle of it.

Stop by the store (see the feed and links in the side bar) and pick up a taste of the tropics.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mod Podge

So I use Mod Podge for a lot of things. Most often to color my glass containers and make them prettier. However, I used it for something else today.

I have an amazing friend who does letter press. You can find his store at and see the wonderful cards and tags he makes.

He made me a mail key tag since I was always losing the key in the junk drawer. Since letterpress is of course paper based I worried my tag would bend and get beaten up. We talked about the best way to "toughen" up my tag and, since mine was the experimental one, I said I would look into ways to make it more durable.

Of course it didn't take long in my search to come up with something I already had, Mod Podge. With a couple light coats of the gloss and a few sprays of the acrylic I had a durable, waterproof tag for my mail key.

Now when you buy a key tag from him it will be ready for whatever you out it through.

Friday, June 15, 2012

New Stuff Ordered

I have been using a base for my lotions that is pre-made. I love the base, but have been looking for an easy way to make my own...and I have found it!  I can't wait to give it a try.  I have ordered the necessary ingredients to begin my own experiments.  All ingredients were organic certified and by the time I am done the whole thing will be all organic and all natural.  As a matter of fact the vanilla/brown sugar lotion, well that is practically edible.

And the chocolate sugar scrub, well that is edible :)

Can't wait to share that the latest and greatest products with you as we start on a whole new adventure.

Welcome to A Touch of Magick

Good morning.  Today is the start of something wonderful.  I have had my business up and running for just a few weeks, and things are going well.  I have decided that part of what I am missing though is a connection.  A space where I can talk about how things are going, where I can meet others who are, kinda, like me. Those with a passion for the natural, the handmade and the luxurious feel that comes with creating your own bath and body products.  In my case perhaps those who also believe, just a bit in something more.

A Touch of Magick was born out of the need for something new in my life.  Something that helped my creative outlet feed itself.  I also needed better products for my skin and the skin of my boys.  Something not overly expensive and yet organic and healthy for them.  Hence the search.  Out of that search came the idea that I could make this.  Oils, salts, lotions, sugar scrubs...all of those things.  And I could infuse some positive thoughts and ideas into them as I was making them...a little magick so to speak.

This idea has expanded and been something for me to use when I need an outlet not just for creativity but for silence, away time and just fun.

I hope you will join me on this journey and stick around for some exciting things!