Friday, December 26, 2014

I'm Off and Running

Today has been especially helpful in the world of candles, lotions and scrubs.  I have a great new place to buy fantastic oils, and someone who may sell me some that aren't being used at a discount.  I have a new website to buy molds and colors from...we shall see how creative I want to get and...I have my Etsy order all readyt o be sent out tomorrow (after the candle sets) and a few candles made for here and one to give away.

I am excited for the new year and what is hopefully  a great start to this business.  Keeping it simple and only making a few things...not going to expand on a whole lot more, simply refine the products I have.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Few New Year's Resolutions Early

Hi I am sitting here, watching my students take their finals and I realized that I have a few New Year's Resolutions to make...

First, I need to make sure I am here more.  I have finally calendared the days I need to blog.  I know that sounds silly to some, but for me I live and die by a calendar and if it isn't on there, it probably doesn't get done.  I think that has to do with being a teacher.  Since I have to lesson plan on a daily basis, making an outline, getting powerpoints created or things copied, or examples done, I have become very calendar oriented.  So when it comes to something like this, if it isn't written down I don't get to it.  Now that I have it written down, I shall...

Next, I need to find a market.  While I have some amazing friends who stand by me, I don't sell a whole lot outside of them. Despite the fact that those who receive my products love them.  They aren't expensive, and I don't take forever to I am not sure what is happening.  I just know that I need to figure out a few things to make the business worth the time.

Also, I need to move about a bit.  I have become a chair potato.  With the  new puppy it should be easier, but even with winter I need to doing something.  My mood, my attitude and my body are all suffering with this new me...and I don't like it, or her very much.

With all of that said...some great things have happened.  I did a gift basket for a charity giveaway, that was lots of fun and got lots of exposure...