Friday, December 26, 2014

I'm Off and Running

Today has been especially helpful in the world of candles, lotions and scrubs.  I have a great new place to buy fantastic oils, and someone who may sell me some that aren't being used at a discount.  I have a new website to buy molds and colors from...we shall see how creative I want to get and...I have my Etsy order all readyt o be sent out tomorrow (after the candle sets) and a few candles made for here and one to give away.

I am excited for the new year and what is hopefully  a great start to this business.  Keeping it simple and only making a few things...not going to expand on a whole lot more, simply refine the products I have.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Few New Year's Resolutions Early

Hi I am sitting here, watching my students take their finals and I realized that I have a few New Year's Resolutions to make...

First, I need to make sure I am here more.  I have finally calendared the days I need to blog.  I know that sounds silly to some, but for me I live and die by a calendar and if it isn't on there, it probably doesn't get done.  I think that has to do with being a teacher.  Since I have to lesson plan on a daily basis, making an outline, getting powerpoints created or things copied, or examples done, I have become very calendar oriented.  So when it comes to something like this, if it isn't written down I don't get to it.  Now that I have it written down, I shall...

Next, I need to find a market.  While I have some amazing friends who stand by me, I don't sell a whole lot outside of them. Despite the fact that those who receive my products love them.  They aren't expensive, and I don't take forever to I am not sure what is happening.  I just know that I need to figure out a few things to make the business worth the time.

Also, I need to move about a bit.  I have become a chair potato.  With the  new puppy it should be easier, but even with winter I need to doing something.  My mood, my attitude and my body are all suffering with this new me...and I don't like it, or her very much.

With all of that said...some great things have happened.  I did a gift basket for a charity giveaway, that was lots of fun and got lots of exposure...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Updated Sites

Hello Everyone!!!!

I have updated both the Etsy and the Yola Sites.  I am excited for Summer to be here in the hopes I can devote more time and energy to the business.  It is something both Karl and I really want to do and we are excited to have the time to do it.

I am so excited to be offering Apple Cinnamon as a new scent.  I am getting ready to make up my nieces' care packages in this scent including candles and lotion and gel.  Once the packages are ready to go I will be posting lots of fun pictures.

In an effort to make things move faster I have ordered Business Cards!!!! Look out world, I'm for real now.  If you are interested in having a few to pass out and around just send me an email and let me know.

Not only will they be going into the packages we sell and send out, but I am going to be leaving them all sorts of places and would be happy to have you do the same.

No new pictures for right now...but very very soon :)

Heather and Karl

Friday, April 25, 2014

Come See What We Have...

Updating Etsy today with all the new scents and the candles. Come by and see what we have.  Remember too follow the blog so you are updated on all the great things happening.

I shipped a nice package up to Canada recently, so I do ship don't have to be States bound to order from me.

After we move...well maybe before...I am putting together some Apple Cinnamon candles and scrubs for my nieces.  Should be lots of fun and they smell so yummy.

These are the candles in Fairy Nectar that I made for my mom.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Okay...time to get things rolling again.  I need to make sure I am staying on top of the business.

I have new scents, new products (CANDLES) and a new outlook :)

I am excited to be active and ready to jump in again.  Lots of things to look forward to.

I am looking forward to hearing from everyone and seeing what scents you want for summer and what candles you would like to see us offer.

Also, I am excited to say was are moving soon.  This is going to allow us the opportunity to rethink some of the things for the business and start again.  Love that feeling.

So let me know that you are out there and let me know what you would like to see from A Touch of Magick.