Friday, June 13, 2014

Updated Sites

Hello Everyone!!!!

I have updated both the Etsy and the Yola Sites.  I am excited for Summer to be here in the hopes I can devote more time and energy to the business.  It is something both Karl and I really want to do and we are excited to have the time to do it.

I am so excited to be offering Apple Cinnamon as a new scent.  I am getting ready to make up my nieces' care packages in this scent including candles and lotion and gel.  Once the packages are ready to go I will be posting lots of fun pictures.

In an effort to make things move faster I have ordered Business Cards!!!! Look out world, I'm for real now.  If you are interested in having a few to pass out and around just send me an email and let me know.

Not only will they be going into the packages we sell and send out, but I am going to be leaving them all sorts of places and would be happy to have you do the same.

No new pictures for right now...but very very soon :)

Heather and Karl